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Amazing Things You Can Do With The BMW Connected App & Its New ‘Remote View 3D’ Feature

BMW Connected feature ‘Remote View 3D’.BMW currently offers customers the Connected Drive App on smart phones that allows one do numerous of tasks that make your life simpler and more convenient.

Here are a list of thing you can do:

  1. You can easily search for destination using Yelp or Apple maps; afterwards share the destination with BMW Connected. It also lets you set an arrival time when you want to be there, which then allows the car to notify you when to leave. As soon as you enter your car, it will know where to go; the next planned trip pops up automatically and you can start your in-car navigation with the push of a button. There is no manual input required for your navigation.
  2. If you have to park away from your final destination, your smart phone will guide you from your parking spot to your final destination and back.
  3. It learns personal destinations to help optimize your time. Frequent destinations and mobility patterns like your daily trip to your office at 8 am or your trip to pick your kids from schools at 2 pm in the afternoon are learned and stored for quick recall. If there is an accident or traffic jam on the way or anything else unusual on the way you will be notified. This helps you to be on time, no planning necessary. Yeah right!
  4. You can stay connected with your vehicle with remote functions using your smart phone. You can flash lights, lock the door, find your car, start climate control, check battery level or the electrical range and set your charging profile (the latter two options applies to electric and hybrid cars only).
  5. It also provides estimated travel times for your routine or planned destinations regardless of whether if you are in or out the vehicle and based on traffic conditions, it will notify you when it is time to leave on your iPhone or Apple watch.
  6. It helps keep your friends and family informed of your time of arrival from smart phone or inside the vehicle using a pre-formatted text message.
  7. They have also added new functionality called the ‘Remote View 3D’ that allows you to view your car and its surrounding from a remote location on your smart phone. The car will use the four cameras that projects the bird’s eye BMW owners are familiar with and send the same visual to your smart phone.

For more information, follow this link: BMW Connected App

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