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BJ Baldwin jumps his truck over a GT-R | He doesn’t need wings to fly

BJ Baldwin Trophy TruckWatch BJ Baldwin traverse desert trail in his 800 bhp “Monster Truck” at mind-boggling speed, sometimes going sideways, to pick up his lovely lass who just dropped by in a 541 bhp Nissan GT-R. He overshoots the rendezvous point by more than a 100 ft and takes a sand-splashing U-turn to get to her. She suits up and then they are off into the sunset…NOT! They then pay a visit to a model and BMW M3, both of which need a second baptism to get cleansed.

After gambling with their lives in the depths of the deserts travelling at over 100 mph, both BJ and girl end up at some hotel casino in Las Vegas, for a round of BJ, I suppose.

And apparently, Red bull isn’t the only drink that gives you “wings”.


Baldwin Motorsports Trophy Truck

Chassis: NSP-1

Configuration: Front Engine Mid mount cell. Rear wheel drive..

Drivetrain: Kroyer Powertrain

Engine: 458 inch small block Chevy

Horsepower: 800 bhp

Torque: 690 ftlb

Transmission: Kroyer experimental 3 speed turbo 400

Front Suspension: A-arm type. 26 inches of travel

Rear Suspension: 3 link solid rear axle. 34 inches of travel

Dampening Systems: King Shocks

Tires: Toyo Open Country MT-R 39 13.50R17 Race Spec

Fuel capacity: 67 gallons

Consumption: 3.1 mpg

Range: 207 miles

Brakes: Brembo, 6-pistion callipers

Wheelbase: 128 inches

Track Width: 93 inches front, 91 inches rear

Curb weight: 6,390 lbs


Braking distance 60-0: 148 ft

Standing quarter mile: 12.1 sec, 112 mph/180 km/h

Top Speed: 145 mph/233.3 km/h

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