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Scenes From City Walk’s City Overdrive Modified & Classic Car Show

The weekend is almost here and you have nothing planned? How about heading down to City Walk’s City Overdrivea motor show featuring over 85 uniquely modified, super-tuned, 4X4, motorcycles and some classic cars as well.

Some of the modified vehicles on display include, the Devil 16, which is the fastest car on planet Earth, the original Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie, a Rolls Royce monster truck, 20 colorful Mini Coopers, Italian supercars from Lamborghinis to Ferraris and much more. They even have a Willys MB (commonly known as a Jeep) that made it through your grandparents age of youth without, seemingly, a scratch and a Ford Baja race truck! Lot of it is on display on the ground level and the rest of the clan is in the basement parking area. So don’t think that you’ve seen them all, until you’ve actually done so.

City Overdrive which is in its 3rdedition, this year, supposedly also has other “thrilling” activities and underground parties for the city’s auto enthusiasts. I didn’t have the opportunity to check them out but, if you happen to, do share them with us.

Mind you, this 10-day event began almost a week ago and will go on just for a few days more, till the 22nd of this month. So the coming weekend is your best opportunity to see these fantastic vehicles before they disappear into some rich fella’s garage!

And while your there grab yourself a Chocolate Peanut Blast milkshake from Mo’s Cafe..its the best! That besides, Citywalk has plenty to offer in terms of cafes and restaurants. Also, car gazing may not appeal to many in your company, like your wife, girl friend etc. But that is why they have Sephora, the colourful wonderland for women who think a million shades of make-up isn’t enough! Its a win-win!

Anyway, back to the topic and by that I mean, here are some of the pics we took at the show the other day…enjoy!

Scenes From City Walk’s City Overdrive Modified & Classic Car Show
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