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Hot Wheels X-wing Fighter Carship To Show At San Diego Comic-Con

Hot Wheels in allegiance with Star Wars have created a true 1:1 scale model, a life-size version of the Hot Wheels X-wing Fighter Carship which is far from the dinky die-cast 1:64-scale cars we are used to. And they plan to bring that road-running X-wing Fighter to the San Diego Comic-con, following which it will go on sale later this year.

Sources say that this movie-inspired car is powered by a Ford 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine – which is no match for the fusial thrust engines and hyperdrive. But hey, they claim it makes as much as 950 pounds or 430 kgs of downforce at 165 mph or 266 km/h – that must count for something.

Hot Wheels has released two videos, one with driving shots and the other a making-of video. Have a peek!

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