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Nissan Middle East Revives The Iconic Nissan Patrol Super Safari SUV

Nissan has relaunched its legendary SUV, the Nissan Patrol Super Safari in the Middle East.

Samir Cherfan, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East stated, “The Patrol Super Safari’s return is the direct result of customer demand for this legendary vehicle which has a strong heritage with the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. Widely considered as one of the few truly all-terrain vehicles of modern time, the Patrol Super Safari continues to impress with its inherent ruggedness, durability and ability to cope with the extremes of the varied terrains and temperatures prevalent in this region.”

This iteration of the Nissan Patrol Super Safari retains all the elements of its predecessor including its rugged chassis and offroad prowess, while adding some modern conveniences and aesthetics. It marries legendary off-road capability with modern day comfort and innovation that truly excites.

The 2017 Nissan Patrol Super Safari boasts all-new tan leather upholstery which goes on both the seats and door trim. The driver gets 8-way power seats while the front passenger gets 4-way power adjustments. New driver aids include a navigation system as well as the much-needed front and rear parking sensors and rear view camera. It also comes with Bluetooth, USB, CD, auxiliary input socket pilfered from the new age vehicles to added to the old cars FM/AM radio. The vehicle also comes equipped with automatic climate control and a built-in, refrigerated cool box.

With the New Nissan Patrol Super Safari, the very recognizable exterior design will get add-ons such as machine cut 17” black alloy wheels, two varieties of dual-tone body colors, flared fenders, a rear spoiler and a even a simplistic, but tastefully executed contrasting body stripe.

In all honestly we were expecting Nissan to retain the 4.8L DOHC in-line 6-cylinder engine – which they did – but also expected a bump in power and torque ratings – which unfortunately did not form part of the conservation. Even so the engine still produces a healthy 280 hp and useful 46kg-m or 452 Nm of torque which allows it to power up and across desert dunes or can be used to heavy objects with ease. A brief drive into the softer-sand regions from the trails did demonstrate that the Nissan Patrol Super Safari is still a very capable be off-roader. Infact, we didn’t have to lock the differentials to get past some of the more tricky terrain.

The engine is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission with manual mode. To help with its on and off road dynamics are rear locking differentials, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Safety systems include dual front airbags, ABS, and an immobilizer are also available. Along with that you also get cruise control, an electric front winch, as well as front and rear tow hooks as standard equipment; front and rear fog lamps and a hard cover for the spare tyre.

Prices for the 5-door Patrol Safari start at AED 173,000 for the one with the manual transmission and AED 178,000 for the automatic transmission. While the newly launched 5-door Patrol Super Safari will contest the markets with a starting price of AED 192,000, while th Patrol AT + Winch will start at AED 199,000. And in case you are wondering the classic 3-door is still available with retail prices starting at about AED 130,000.


Nissan Middle East Revives The Iconic Nissan Patrol Super Safari SUV
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