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Koenigsegg Agera RS Beats Bugatti Chiron Record For 0 to 400 km/h to 0 Run

Koenigsegg Agera RS just broke the Bugatti Chiron record for the run from 0 to 400 km/h to 0 km/h run.

Earlier this year, Bugatti Chiron piloted by former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya, set a new record for accelerating from 0 to 400 km/h (248 mph) and then braking back to 0, setting a time of 41.96 seconds.

Christian von Koenigsegg, before delivering a brand new Koenigsegg Agera RS to a U.S. customer, he took a swing at the record. Ofcourse, with the army of a 1,360-horsepower and 1,011 pound-feet of torque at your right foot, wouldn’t want to. Koenigsegg’s team took the car to Vandel, a former Danish defence airbase that now serves as a big solar-energy farm, for the record-breaking run on 1 Oct 2017.

So here is what they accomplished with factory driver Niklas Lilja behind the wheel:

Lilja rocketed from 0 to 400 kph to 0 in just 36.44 seconds, eclipsing the Bugatti Chiron record of 41.96 seconds by a an incredible 5.52 seconds. According to Koenigsegg, their data indicated that the Agera RS engaged traction control in the first three gears, the final time at 182 km/h (113 mph).

The car hit the 248 mph goal in 26.88 seconds over 1.945 kms or 1.21 miles, while Juan Pablo took 32.6 seconds in the Chiron. Braking to 0 mph took 9.56 seconds and 1,584 feet. It did not match the Bugatti Chiron time of 9.3 seconds, but was enough to crack the overall record.

Though the Agera RS record time for 0-400-0 was was 36.44 seconds, it does take account of the time the car went a past 400 kph, to 403, or 250 mph, before Lilja kicked the left pedal. If you do include that time, the overall run would have taken 37.28 seconds. But for record’s sake, it isn’t counted as part of the record. Total distance covered was 2.52 kms or 1.57 miles — on a runway 2.53 kms or 1.7-mile long.

Other interesting stats:

0 to 100 km/h: 4 seconds approx.

0 to 200 km/h: 7.75 seconds approx.

0 to 300 km/h: 13 seconds approx.

The surprising thing is that if you look at the graph, the Agera RS took close to 4 seconds to get to a 100 km/h which would have put it behind several supercars. The name include, the Lamborghini Avendator SV, Lamborghini Huracan, the Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Ferrari 488 GTB, the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 918 Spyder, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the Mclaren P1, Mclaren 675 LT, the Mclaren 720 S. At 200 km/h it would have been only behind the 3 hybrid hypercars and the 812 Superfast. And at 300 km/h it would blown past everyone including the Bugatti Chiron.

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is powered by a twin turbo aluminum 5.0L V8 and manages torque using a 7-speed automatic transmission. As for braking it uses 397 mm wide front rotors clamped by 6-piston calipers and 380 mm wide rear rotor clamped by 4-piston calipers. In both cases, they are ventilated ceramic discs.

While Bugatti fans may see this as a loss, it certainly is victory for the automotive world!

Koenigsegg Agera RS Beats Bugatti Chiron Record For 0 to 400 km/h to 0 Run
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