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Land Rover says leave your SUV behind and go Parkour?

Parkour Land RoverThe Indian-owned Land Rover is using its eclectic advertising campaigns to describe its theme ‘Roam Free’. The Parkour bunch that includes Jesse La Flair and folks from The Tempest, make their way through the forest after presumably their Land Rover got stuck or malfunctioned. :p

Not the best proposition from LR but at least, the Parkour community didn’t seem offended unlike many other internet communities who react to a teeny misconception of their identity.

One guy commented, “Hey a parkour video commercial that isn’t ruined by stupid brand tropes”. Another was “i thought it was some ad for shoes..:)”. People who do the ‘Nike Free Run’ could find this more useful.

Anyways, by the way the Land Rover and Range Rover models are priced these days, I doubt I’d take any of them beyond the mall.


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