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Porsche 911 smashed for fashion’s sake

Porsche 911 CrushedWatch this lastest ad by fashion label Rag & Bone! It begins with black smoke rising from what looks to be a manhole; then Gabriella Wilde switches outfits while making way to the screen …with a classic Porsche 911 in the background. After three counts of outfits, the 911 has a massive concrete block dropped on it. The suspension takes a total beating and the roof gets completely crushed. Amen!

Jalopnik says this 911 was just the bodyshell but its such a shame to see such a beauty being stomped into the Netherworld.

As for Gabriella’s outfits, in the first one she looks a hobo, with a man size grey jacket (probably stolen). The only good thing being the shoes – black boots spectacular.

The second outfit is a pre-independence confederate militia-style jacket in black with a black skirt.

The third outfit is a zippered leatherette jacket worn over a rather dainty-something picked out of the lingerie basket.

All in all, half-a-terrible day for fashion and ….a rather sad one Porsche as well.

Atleast, now we know the #widowmaker is probably the widow herself.

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