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Suicide Squad Jokermobile spied with Dark Knight ride along

sl-suicidesquad-3-1Till date, it was the superheroes and their fancy, fast and full-of-frills cars that got all the attention. Now it’s the turn of the anti-heroes to set the pace.

Filming of the Batman spinoff, Suicide Squad – a Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics production – is ongoing and it will star the Dark Knight himself.

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at the new bad boy on the block – the chromed, purple and gold Jokermobile – supposedly a product of kit-maker Vaydor. And no! This ain’t a publicity stunt for the LA Lakers …its a real movie!

The gaping air-intakes, pulled back headlamp cluster with xenon and LED day time-running lights give Joker’s vehicle a mean look. Meanwhile, the low-slung profile and massive cross-drilled brake rotor and red brake callipers is evidence that performance is no joke to the one of Batman’s arch rival. As for the ground-effect lighting? Too whimsical, maybe…but we like it.

Putting 2 and 2 together…Batman will survive battle against the demigod Superman!

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