#Toyota #UAE “Turn and Win” contest – Who wants a 2016 #Camry?

Turn and Win - ToyotaAl-Futtaim Motors, the exclusive distributor of Toyota in the UAE, has launched the “Turn and Win” competition giving UAE residents the chance to win a brand spanking-new 2016 Toyota Camry.

The competition-of-sorts, running from August 15th until September 30th 2015, gives all UAE residents the chance to drive away with the all-new 2016 New Camry, if they find the winning key that will unlock the car, available in one of the IKEA catalogues delivered to their doorsteps, or in one of the 14 Toyota showrooms across the UAE. All they need to do then is to come to the showroom and try opening the car and if it does…they can drive home in what is arguably the world’s most favourite car!

Update – Just ten days after the start of the competition, the lucky winner visited the Sharjah 1 showroom where to their delight the key they had received unlocked the vehicle. And ofcourse Toyota has been benfitting from a heavy influx of potential customers.

The “Turn and Win” competition will continue until September 30th 2015, with one more lucky winner still out there.

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