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UAE Fuel Prices Drop For April 2017

The UAE Ministry of Energy has announced that fuel prices for April 2017 have been reduced, with motorists having to shell out AED 1.95 a litre for Super 98, AED 1.84 for Special 95, and AED 1.77 for E Plus, starting the first of the month.

Super 98 is down by almost 4 per cent from last month’s AED 2.03 per litre; while Special 95 is down a little over 4 per cent from AED 1.92 per litre in March 2017.

While the regular 91 octane petrol has been reduced by about 4.3 per cent from AED 2.02 per litre in March. Even price of diesel has dropped to AED 1.95, down 3.4 per cent from AED 2.02 in March.

UAE Fuel Prices Drop For April 2017
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