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UAE Petrol Prices Rise for August 2017

The numbers are out! The petrol prices and that for diesel in the UAE for August 2017 have been increased, as per the Ministry of Energy announcement on Sunday.

If you drive into a petrol station tomorrow, they will charge you Super or unleaded gasoline 98 at the rate of AED 1.89 per litre, up from AED 1.86 in July 2017.

While Special or unleaded gasoline 95 will retail at AED 1.78 per litre, up 3 fils over last month’s AED 1.75

Unleaded gasoline 91 will also be marginally more expensive at AED 1.71 a litre, up from July’s AED 1.68 in July.

Truckers and diesel car owners are not except from this inflation, they too will have to cope with the increased diesel prices which are up by four fils at AED 1.88 per litre, as compared to AED 1.84 in July 2017.


UAE Petrol Prices Rise for August 2017
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