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Wonder Cars For Women For 2017 | Volume 1

Cars are an indispensable part of our lives and they have become more than just commuters. They now have extended functions like luggage hauling, are used for recreational purposes and are also seen as accessories that complete the look. Over the past decade, an increasing number of women are buying and driving cars. For most of them, driving has gone from being perceived as a chore to a reign over the freedom of movement – one that avoids time being wasted, and the inconvenience of having to hail a cab or ask a friend or a family member for a ride to work, the movie theatre or a mall.
So, for those ladies who are looking for more than just a mode of transport, here is a shortlist of cars for women to consider. And, in case you’re wondering what the criteria for selection were, know that we considered: identity, snob value, affordability, utility, trouble-free maintenance and, most importantly, ease of driving.

The long favourite of women all over the world! Nothing says style, success and independence like a red (or black) Mercedes-Benz SLC.and these are words from women themselves. Its compact and sleek silhouette is a banner of youth and its convertible top is an excuse to show off those new sunglasses or hairstyle. The recent visual revamp has also helped it win lost favour.
Starting price: Dh178,000


Good things may come in small packages, but great things come in bigger ones, at least in the case of the all-new Mazda CX-9. For the utility-minded family woman, this all-new 7-seater crossover SUV is the perfect road companion. With sophisticated looks and commendable interior quality, it certainly is the unsung hero of the automotive industry. And it drives well, so your friend or husband may ask to spare some time behind the wheel. But we suggest you keep this one for yourself.
Starting price: Dh119,000


The Volkswagen Beetle is amongst the most iconic vehicles of all time. Its cute rounded proportions and bug-eyed looks can get an “Awww” from anyone. And with the incorporation of modern-day conveniences and a new powertrain borrowed from the Golf GTI, the ‘People’s Car’ company has brought this retro-styled ride right into the 21st century. Then, there is always the convertible version to make things a little more interesting.
Starting price: Dh99,000

For those who have always wanted to get behind the wheel of the ‘Utimate Driving Machine’, this is the BMW of choice. This is German engineering on a budget! It’s a convenient size that can carry up to 4 adults – sort of – and with a playful chassis; even power from the 220i is enough to make quick spin around town fun.
Starting price: Dh175,000


This crossover SUV has taken the market by storm. The Korean manufacturer’s styling advancements will put many of the German and other European automakers to shame. It’s got a decent power plant upfront and plenty of luggage space at the back end. Forget resale, it is never going to beat a Japanese counterpart, but the only real problem is that it still remains more an affordable car with aspirational value, than an aspirational car with an affordable price tag.
Starting price: Dh72,000


The MINI Cooper is like a wardrobe essential that is just a bit too risqué and a bit too expensive. Besides being heralded for its adorable looks and go-kart-like handling, in recent times, it’s gained notches in quality levels, thanks to input from parent company BMW. At this price, though, there may be other sedans and SUVs from Japanese and American manufacturers that may talk some sense into you. The all-new Countryman is a great choice, if you want a plus-size MINI with a little off-roader attitude. I also feel obligated to mention that the MINI is not just a car – it’s also a piece of history.
Starting price: Dh136,000


Keep your eyes open for Volume 2 of Wonder Cars For Women For 2017!


Wonder Cars For Women For 2017 | Volume 1
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