Wonder Cars For Women - 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster S - Orange Exterior - Front Side Quarter
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Wonder Cars For Women For 2017 | Volume 2

And the list for Wonder Cars For Women for the year 2017 continues with this Volume 2…


The Porsche Cayman is arguably the sexiest car on the list. It has a badge to appease the socialite gods and it gets the nod from guys as well. And if exposing yourself to the elements is the way you get your swag on, get the Boxster. it drops the top in just 9 seconds. But you may have a tough time convincing some family members: why get a car with only two seats and two boots that don’t necessarily fit anything substantial?
Starting price: Dh220,000

This ultimate culmination of curves on wheels has been the top-listed vehicle amongst women all around the globe. It’s grown up so much, it appeals to both the sexes now. And this time it drives like how a sports car should. The driver-oriented infotainment controls, though, may make your spouse, partner or friend feel like they have no say in your life. Then again, if you are driving a 2+2 seater, you probably aren’t looking for any.
Starting price: Dh183,500

The X7 Sport is an utilitarian vehicle with Range Rover Evoque mimicking looks – at least, from some angles. This entry-level crossover from the Chinese brand with a Swedish influence has taken us by surprise and now it is time for us to put the word out there. The overall build quality and super-soft Napa leather will leave you questioning the retail price of some luxury vehicles these days. If the resale bothers you, the five-year warranty will quickly change your opinion; and if you can use it as many years, you probably made your money back. Power, though, is average at best.
Starting price: AED 59,999

The Odyssey J is not just another frumpy MPV, it is an amazing mommy mover. Its abandons the chunk of the original Odyssey for sleeker, more endearing styling, and is surprisingly easy to drive for a vehicle of its size. The low-entry height makes it ideal for transiting families. But no matter how good a multi-purpose vehicle it may be, you will forever hear the voice of your neighbours asking, “Why not an SUV for the same price?” So be prepared!
Starting price: Dh100,000

Hyundai’s attempt at creating a segment-stirring vehicle has been a success. The hatchback with a dino-sounding name and evocative styling has garnered it quite a few fans. And its availability in as many colours as Sephora’s range of lipsticks cannot be quantified. The power deficiency of the base model has been sorted thanks to the introduction of a Turbo variant, but the rear quarters remains tight and, well, only a single door opens to it.
Starting price: Dh67,900

This tiny tot from bowtie-branded American brand Chevy is more than an autorickshaw on wheels. It’s definitely larger on the inside than you would imagine and moves with the enthusiasm of something sportier. And, as an extra bonus, there isn’t enough that can said about the one-hour servicing period, during which you can run some quick errands. It’s also a size that makes it easy to drive and price that makes it easy to finance.
Starting price: Dh34,000

This compact crossover, styled with the verve of precious stone jewellery, has in it to be a woman’s best friend: five seats, plenty of electronic gimmicks and safety features – what’s not to like? However, the mouse-pad like infotainment controller is a little finicky and attempting to click those on-screen buttons can be a bit like catching a mouse. quite literally.
Starting price: Dh160,000


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Wonder Cars For Women For 2017 | Volume 2
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